Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Helllllloooooo, Napier!

After swiftly escaping Wairoa, we drove off into the sunset. With Kate's stellar co-pilot skills, and her ability to navigate the Lonely Planet, she landed us at this sweet as hostel across from the beach in Napier, the sunniest place in the North Island. Welcome to the Waterfront Lodge!

Greeted by smiley Greek/Kiwi Manni and given a charming room we  With free coffee and internet AND a beautiful herb garden in the backyard! We instantly knew that this was more of a home than a hostel.
Going full throttle in the kitchen, we made haste to cook with our fresh cilantro, chili peppers, thyme, rosemary, and parsley yum yums!
The highlight of the garden is the massive mint bushes that provide homes for our fellow praying mantises-friends!
Welcome to our local beach! Ocean Beach! Just a short drive away, we find ourselves making beach-days a habit! Joined by our Waterfront family, we have spent a lot of time playing football, frisbee, swimming, and putting on HEAPS of sunscreen in our beautiful new home!
Drinking in public is illegal, but having massive bonfires on the beach is encouraged as driftwood is washed-up frequently.

With the abundance of wood across the street, beer drinking and pyromania are inevitable!
Great success!

As the sun went down, we roasted hot dogs, corn, and of course, s'mores on the fire. S'mores are officially the new biggest thing to hit Scotland, the UK, Germany, Wales, Canada, France, Ireland, and not to mention New Zealand!  They were a huge hit to say the least. Our Scottish friend has developed quite an addiction.
After dinner, we listened to the sounds of the communal guitar played by our German friend, Till. This photo was taken by the lodge manager, Manni, and is now hanging in the kitchen!
Up next: our Lake Waikaremoana Trek!

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