Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kia Ora, Auckland!

So we have finally arrived here in Auckland! YAY! We landed at about 6:30 am on Tuesday to blue skies and 80 degree weather after what seemed like an eternity of travel...fortunately we slept most of the way from LA so we were ready to roll!

We checked in to the hostel and spent the morning down by the Viaduct drooling over yachts, had a yummy lunch (breakfast?) down by the water. We spent the rest of the day strolling in the botanical gardens, climbing trees, taking pictures and making friends! We met a kiwi named Allan who shared some kiwi refreshments with us in the was a lovely meeting until he propositioned us...the conversation died pretty quickly and we moved along to check out the greenhouses.

Yesterday we had our orientation at the IEP office - they TOTALLY hooked us up - giving us information on everything, and helping us set up bank accounts, tax numbers, etc. They also had some good tips on where we should look for work. They let us know that Queenstown was pretty expensive, and most of the people who work there spend more than they can't really blame them... We also found out that peak FRUIT HARVESTING kicks off in February out in the Hawke's Bay region, which is the sunniest place in the entire country!

So as of now we are on a mission to buy a car, get out of Aukland, and go pick some fruit!
We will get some pictures up soon!


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